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Provided in various packaging configurations that are either dual or single mode, come in multiple form factors and are available in multiple power options for both engagement and presence solutions


Smartphone Apps

Our software component is integrated into the mobile app software providing interfaces to PROXiMITTER devices and Cloud Content Management Systems

Analytics Services

Provides holistic view of the customer and real-time tracking throughout the path to purchase

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What else do we provide?

Global Solutions

Turnkey enterprise solutions, ready to deploy across the globe. Our suite of products and services feature state of the art technology and award winning security solutions.

State of the Art Technology

Our state of the art hardware and software provides superior business intelligence, unparalleled mobile customer engagement and delivers workplace management solutions with real-time tracking and location services.

Custom Development

Utilizing our core products and services, we provide custom software, design and technology solutions for the enterprise. Your team will work closely with our developers to deploy a solution based on current and future needs.

OccuLock Pass

OccuLock Pass is a “Free” application locker which secures access to your applications and settings. Delivered in a very easy to use, organic, unique and secure package. OccuLock Pass uses image based passwords vs. pin/patterns. With the ability to mix and match picture passwords (including your own), we enable password combinations, as unique as you. This application is built with high-security in mind, protecting your applications and settings from intruders. Try it for FREE today!


We see the Internet of Things becoming a major influence in the daily activities of our lives in the very near future. While the technology continues to grow there is an inherent need for security to grow right along side of it. Our vision is to pair innovative technology with forward thinking security, resulting in an enhanced user experience.


Proximity Technologies is more than just a device, an app, or a solution. Our brand is about continuous innovation, meeting and exceeding current industry standards while looking towards future needs and expectations.


Our mission is to bring secure, state of the art technologies to life, while providing the resources necessary to continue growth and satisfaction. We accomplish this by designing, developing, and deploying cutting edge products for an enhanced user experience. 

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About us

For the enterprise or organization, Proximity Technologies provides state of the art technologies, including proximity beacon technology, advanced analytics and services, smartphone applications, and custom IoT solutions. Half the battle is knowing where the customer goes and what they do when they get there. Whether this technology is applied to airports, shopping centers, stadiums or any variation of public spaces, the data collected will result in more accurate information about what the user is doing within the defined areas in real time. A division of Secure Channels, Inc, Proximity Technologies is located in Irvine, CA.